Vulnerability and The Type of Counselor I Am

It felt good last week to make a blog post. I have been missing writing for a long time. My hesitancy in posting was that I couldn't figure out how to balance wanting a personal blog vs. my counseling blog.  I knew that I would haven't the time to maintain two blogs. 

My passion is writing about my life process, the joys, the mess-ups, the realizations.  There is no way to do that without being very vulnerable and open at times.  I worried, and probably still do worry about how that will be perceived by others. Will people not want to seek me out as a counselor, if I share my own personal struggles?

I thought about trying to write more of a structured, professional blog, on varies topics. (I am sure you will see some of that), but it just felt so not me.  So I guess it all comes back to EMBRACING my own truth.  And EMBRACING my truth means accepting that part of what brings me joy is sharing my life process. 

I will never claim to have it all together, to have all the answers, and honestly I don't think that is what counseling is about.  Counseling is about listening, and providing you a space to share your thoughts and feelings.  It is about being there for you as you make decisions about what your next steps are, about helping you let go of past hurts, about healing relationships, learning to love again, and finding joy even in times of sorrow. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  I am looking forward to sharing my life story, and hopefully hearing yours. 

Lots of Love


To schedule a counseling session, please call me at (501)499-9231.  I look forward to sharing your journey with you.